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Calvary Christian Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers all traditional school subjects, including Bible, History, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Practical Arts, Library Science, Information Technology, and Physical Education. The Bible is taught as a separate class, and students are to learn at least one memory verse per week. Teachers are encouraged to incorporate the Scriptures and the Christian philosophy of teaching into all subjects on a daily basis. The majority of our textbooks are from the Christian publisher, Bob Jones University Press, and as such, integrate Biblical principles in the texts.
For our middle school classes, we also utilize curriculum resources from the Institute of Excellence in Writing,  Wordly Wise, and Financial
Peace University.


Bob Jones University Press Curriculum

Since 1974, BJU Press has produced and distributed Christ-centered materials to teach students how to live and make godly decisions. BJU Press currently supplies thousands of schools with textbooks and other resources. There are five major distinctives of BJU Press.


The curriculum focuses on a conceptual approach to learning. A conceptual approach stresses understanding and application over recital.


The curriculum utilizes a multi-sensory approach to learning. A multi-sensory approach to learning is simply using as many of the “senses” as possible in teaching the material to be learned.


BJU Press curriculum emphasizes a balanced approach to learning. A balanced-approach to learning does not sacrifice the learning of some skills in order to spend more time drilling a student over and over again in just a few important skills (for example, drilling phonics with no comprehensive teaching or drilling math facts with no real understanding of the concepts).


BJU Press curriculum emphasizes the teacher over the textbooks.  Because the curriculum is not “textbook-driven,” the teacher is encouraged to use their expertise and creativity in the classroom.


BJU Press curriculum is truly written from a Biblical worldview in all subject matters.  If critical thinking is evaluative thinking, then there must be a clear standard for the evaluative process.  Critical thinking goes beyond merely knowing the truth; it is the ability to apply the truth, to analyze meaning, to synthesize conclusion, to create in a manner consistent to truth and to evaluate ideas according to the standard of truth.


Our curriculum is designed in a structured, sequential methodology which builds on the principles of learning by imitation. The foundational syntax for cohesive writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, critical thinking skills, and English grammar are developed. This methodology provides for both corporate and individualized instruction. Using simple checklists, students monitor their own success, thereby increasing confidence and competence.


Wordly Wise provides direct academic vocabulary instruction to develop the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.  The robust activities, student engagement, and differentiated instruction provide the flexibility to meet the needs of today’s varying student population.


Foundations in Personal Finance for Middle School is a 22-week course in our Middle School academic program which weave together humor and real-life stories to educate and reinforce sound principles for managing money and build financial literacy.




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